What is a Zip Book?

Zip Books are real, paper books that you may request at those times when the library does not have the book you want.  As an alternative to borrowing a book from another library outside Humboldt, a book may sometimes be purchased by the library and shipped directly to your home. They arrive quickly, Zip!  When you return the book to the library it can become part of the library's collection. Currently this program is an experiment funded by a grant from the California State Library to test whether it's practical to have this as a regular part of our Interlibrary Loan Service.  Books to be ordered as Zip Books need to fit grant rules - they must be at least one year old, available as Amazon Prime orders, and cost less than $35.  You may request up to one zip book per month, and must return any previous Zip Book before requesting another.

How to Request a Zip Book

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