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Get a book the library doesn't have

Here are three ways to get a book the library doesn’t have.

New Books

If the book is less than a year old, make a New Book Suggestion.  (You can suggest films or audio also. We can’t promise to buy everything, but we wish we could!)  Do you want to get an email if your suggestion is purchased?  Then create a Preferred Search for your title and make sure the library has your correct email address. 

Interlibrary Loan - The library has been unable to provide this service during the pandemic.

Check with a librarian to make sure the library doesn’t have the book somewhere.  If not, and the book is at least 18 months old, visit a library to ask us to get it by Interlibrary Loan.  The library can borrow it from another library for you to use.  Bring your library card (you need a ’permanent’ card for this service.) 

Zip Books

If the book is at least a year old, costs under $35 and is available via Amazon Prime, come in to the library and ask about getting a Zip Book.  Bring your library card (you need a ’permanent’ card for this service.)  Zip Books are real, paper books that the library orders shipped directly to your home. They arrive quickly, Zip!  When you return the book to the library it can become part of the library’s collection.

How to Request a Zip Book

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