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How can I use the Library's Internet?

Here are the basics: you can get a free turn on a library computer, or bring your own device and use wi-fi. There is no wi-fi password needed at the Main Library in Eureka, but some branches require a password.  Prints can be made via library computers, and cost ten cents a page. Fifty cents for color prints. Internet sessions on public computers at the Main Library are 30 minutes, but may be automatically extended up to 45 minutes if few computers are in use. Most Branch Libraries have at least one computer on which you can get a longer turn. At the Main Library in Eureka, use your Humboldt County Library Card to get a turn. If you are a visitor, ask for a Guest Pass at the Computer Access Desk. If you are filling out a government form or an application form for school or employment, ask if a special computer is available for you.  All use of the Library's internet must be as appropriate for a public place and is subject to the Humboldt County Library Internet Policy.  On the left menu of the library home page, under Library Resources, look for Public Computers & Internet -- there you'll find more details.

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