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How do I create Preferred Searches?
  1. Start by logging in to your library account.
  2. Then use the search bar at the top of the screen to search. When you get your search results (even if there aren’t any because we don’t have the book yet) you will see the ’Save as Preferred Search’ button appear near the search bar. You can mark any search for an author, title, keyword, or subject that interests you as a Preferred Search by clicking the ’Save as Preferred Search’ button. You will only see that button when you are in your account and have done a search. 

For example, if you search on the subject ’organic gardening’ while in your own account, and click the ’Save as Preferred Search’ button, you will be notified when new books with that subject are added. If you search by an author’s name, and click the button, you will be notified when any new books by that author are added.

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2. How do I create Preferred Searches?
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