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How can I find out about upcoming events at the Library?

Use the Calendar.  A calendar showing All Library Events is found on the Humboldt County Library home page. Visit the web page for any branch library to see just the events happening at that branch. 

Subscribe to one or more library calendars.  At the calendar page you have the option to sign up to use iCalendar to feed library events into your own online calendar.  You may choose to get notices about events happening at one library, several, or all.  

Visit the Ongoing Events Page.  The many story times and events that happen regularly every week are not featured on our calendar. Instead they are on the Ongoing Events page and on individual branch pages.

Call and Ask.  As always, you may telephone any library location during open hours to ask about events. You can find your branch phone number on the individual branch homepage

Children's events at Eureka Main Library are also available each month on a paper calendar.  Pick it up at the Children's Desk.

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