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Election Worker Application

  1. Election Worker Application

    Thank you for volunteering to be an election worker! Being an election worker is a rewarding experience and a vital role in the electoral process. Without hundreds of volunteers, the Office of Elections could not conduct elections!

  2. Eligibility Requirements

    1. Able to read and write English.
    2. Registered voter*.
    *Requirement 2 (being registered to vote) is waived if you are a:

    • High school student 16-17 years of age with a GPA of 2.5 or greater;
    • Permanent resident of the United States.

  3. * required field

  4. Enter your first, middle (or initial), and last name as registered.

  5. Check all that apply.*

  6. Are you are high school student 16-17 years old with a GPA of 2.5 or greater?*

  7. Are you employed with the County of Humboldt?*

  8. Do you fluently speak multiple languages?*

  9. Please check the box for the languages you fluently read and write.

  10. Do you have a valid California Driver's License and automobile insurance?*

  11. Check all of the positions you are applying for.*

    Clerk: Requires commitment to a voter assistance center team. Requires training.
    Rovers: Distributes supplies to voter assistance centers. Requires valid driver's license and automobile insurance.
    E-Night Worker: Works Election Night after the polls close. COUNTY EMPLOYEES ONLY.

  12. Can you be ONCALL for the election?*

    ONCALL election workers are available for all four days of the election from 6 am to 10 pm to fill a vacancy.

  13. Check all areas you will work.*

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