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Election Worker Application

  1. Election Worker Application
    Thank you for volunteering to be an election worker! Being an election worker is a rewarding experience and a vital role in the electoral process. Without hundreds of volunteers, the Office of Elections could not conduct elections!
  2. Eligibility Requirements
    1. Able to read and write English.
    2. Registered voter*.
    *Requirement 2 (being registered to vote) is waived if you are a:
    • High school student 16-17 years of age with a GPA of 2.5 or greater;
    • Permanent resident of the United States.
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  4. Enter your first, middle (or initial), and last name as registered.
  5. Check all that apply.*
  6. Are you are high school student 16-17 years old with a GPA of 2.5 or greater?*
  7. Are you employed with the County of Humboldt?*
  8. Do you fluently speak multiple languages?*
  9. Please check the box for the languages you fluently read and write.
  10. Do you have a valid California Driver's License and automobile insurance?*
  11. Check all of the positions you are applying for.*

    Manager: Recruits and leads a team of election workers at an assigned polling place, coordinates with the Office of Elections, assigned polling place and team members for setup and closing, and guides team’s Election Day assignments. Setup night before election required. Must be registered to vote. Training required. Earns stipend.


    Clerk: Assists with setup and closing duties and performs Election Day assignments. Training required. Setup night before election required. Training required. Earns stipend.


    Voting Equipment Technician: Maintains efficient function of voting equipment, sets up and takes down ADA mitigation equipment, assists with setup and closing, and performs Election Day team assignments. Training required. Earns stipend.


    Rover: Delivers election supplies to polling facilities, checks ADA set up at the polls and backs up precinct board teams as needed. Training required. Requires valid driver's license and automobile insurance. Hourly pay + mileage.


    Ballot Transporter: Travels to assigned ballot drop off locations to collect and return voted ballots to the Office of Elections. Training required. Requires valid driver's license and automobile insurance. Flat daily rate + mileage.


    Election Night Worker COUNTY EMPLOYEES ONLY: Receives and processes materials returned after the polls close. May earn regular daily wage, or use benefit time and additionally receive stipend.


    Office Greeter: Greets and directs voters at the Office of Elections on Election Day. Typically high school students. Training required. Earns stipend.

  12. Check all areas you will work.*

    ANYWHERE: Available to work anywhere in Humboldt County, wherever needed most. 

    ON CALL: Must attend training and be on call to fill a team vacancy. Half day pay available. 


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