What is Measure S?

On August 9, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors unanimously placed Measure S on the November ballot. Measure S is local commercial marijuana cultivation measure that, if enacted by voters, will help maintain local County services will locally-controlled funding.

Why was Measure S placed on the ballot?

Humboldt County prides itself on fiscal responsibility, and protecting your public safety, environment and quality of life. As the state continually takes funding from local counties – over $325 million from Humboldt County alone – Measure S would provide a source of local funding to maintain essential services that cannot be taken by the state, including: • Enforcing laws that require marijuana growers to protect natural areas and water quality in rivers, creeks and streams • Maintaining services for victims of child abuse • Maintaining rural ambulance service • Maintaining mental health services for children and families • Providing communications services for medical and first responders • Cleaning up after environmentally damaging marijuana farms

How does Measure S help protect our natural resources and beauty of our county?

Illegal marijuana farms are destroying our environment and risking our health. They divert and dry up sensitive creeks and streams and use toxic pesticides that harm wildlife and risks public health. If enacted, Measure S will ensure marijuana growers pay their fair share to help protect our public safety, health and environment, while enforcing laws that require growers protect our county’s natural areas and water quality. Providing these services requires locally-controlled funding that cannot be taken by the state.

How does Measure S address the illegal drug industry and increased narcotics use in our region?

Hard drugs and narcotics like meth and heroin continue to be a growing problem in our county. With over $325 million in state takeaways over the past 24 years, Sacramento has taken significant revenue from Humboldt County’s budget. Measure S would provide additional funds to fight drug-related crimes, eliminate drug labs, and provide drug prevention and rehabilitation services.

What does Measure S cost?

If enacted, Measure S will tax commercial marijuana growers a rate of $1-$3 per square foot tax, based on the type of commercial marijuana grow. Funds from Measure S would be subject to strict accountability provisions including annual independent audits and public review of expenditures that ensure funds are spent efficiently and responsibly.

Where can I get more information?

The county will continue to keep the community informed about Humboldt County’s essential service needs and fiscal condition. For more information, please continue to visit the county website.

When is the election?

November 8, 2016. To register to vote online and for more elections information, visit the Humboldt County Office of Elections web page.

When will the tax be payable?

If approved by voters the tax will be payable in 2017, likely due and payable in the Fall.

Will farmers who grow outdoor but have a genetics/cloning area where they have their seeds or starts under lights be considered "outdoor" or "mixed light" for purposes of the tax?

We view areas where clones or seeds are propagated and developed into immature plants in a non-flowering (i.e. vegetative) condition as ancillary facilities to the locations used for flowering (whether mixed light, indoor, or outdoor). These areas are not included in the calculation of the “cultivation area” used to determine the required land use permit.