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How will Measure Z enhance County services?
If adopted by voters, Measure Z will provide funds to maintain and improve public safety and essential services, including:
- Investigating violent crimes, such as rape and domestic violence
- Maintaining 911 emergency response times
- Ensuring there are Sheriff’s deputies on-duty
- Providing services for the victims of child abuse
- Maintaining rural fire protection and ambulance services
- Cleaning up environmentally damaging marijuana farms

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1. What is Measure Z?
2. Why was Measure Z placed on the ballot?
3. What does Measure Z cost?
4. How will Measure Z address my public safety needs?
5. I’m concerned about the illegal drug industry and increased narcotics use in our region.
6. How will Measure Z enhance County services?
7. When is the election?
8. Where can I get more information about Measure Z?