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When is a beach placed on warning status?
If a water sample fails to meet 1 or more of the health standards, a warning status for the beach will be issued.

Warning signs stating "Warning! Ocean Water Contact May Cause Illness! Bacteria Levels Exceed Health Standards" will be posted at the beach.

Health standards are exceeded when:
  • Total coliform exceeds 10,000 Most Probable Number (MPN)*
  • Fecal coliform exceeds 400 MPN
  • Enterococcus exceeds 104 MPN
  • Fecal coliform:total coliform ratio exceeds 0.1, and the total coliform count exceeds 1,000 MPN

When a beach is listed under warning status, swimmers should stay a minimum of 50 yards away from creek mouths.

*Most Probable Number: bacterial count per 100 milliliters of water

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