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Aviation Study - Marketing Focus Group

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The marketing focus groups will help identify optimum marketing techniques to promote ACV and its services. Additionally, it will help identify the target audience for such promotion and identify the best avenues to market ACV both in the community and to attract tourism. The ideal outcome of these groups and the marketing plan associated with the county's study of its aviation system is that through marketing, passenger use at ACV will increase over time and ACV and its services will be more visible throughout the community. The proposed marketing and community promotion plan that will be produced at the end of the study will include:
1. Identification of the target market;
2. Identification of the market position;
3. Identification of the anticipated demand;
4. Identification of unique selling advantages;
5. Assessment of the current market;
6. Identification of key customers and clients;
7. Development of a market strategy;
8. Development of a marketing budget;
9. Development of a market study; and
10. Development of an updated website and marketing materials.

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