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Department of Child Support & The Courts

Child Support Services does not provide legal advice and will not contact the court on your behalf. Additionally, we do not have the authority to change or move a scheduled court date. Only the court can change a court date.  If you find you need to reschedule a court date you can contact the Superior Court Clerks Office at (707) 445-7256 Humboldt or (530) 623-1208 Trinity to attempt to reschedule.
Child Support Services is also prohibited from providing assistance in spousal support, child custody and visitation proceedings.  For these types of assistance we recommend that you contact the Family Law Facilitators office or consult private legal council.

Family Law Facilitator

The Family Law Facilitator program can help those who do not have attorneys to handle their divorce, child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, and paternity cases. Please view more information on their websites.

​Mediation Services

  • Humboldt Mediation Services - a non-profit organization that promotes the peaceful resolution of conflicts in our community by providing the best possible services in mediation and facilitation with individuals and groups.

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