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About the VITA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

This year, the 'Earn it, Keep it, Save it' VITA program is hosted by the Senior Center in Eureka. The library partners with this VITA Program, organized by United Way of the Wine Country, to offer free tax preparation services for low-to-moderate income households throughout Humboldt and other Northern California counties.  

(Appointment information, tax forms, and free online tax filing links are found on our Tax Forms & Tax Help page during the tax season.)

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Volunteer! Be a Greeter or a Tax Preparation Assistant

Free training is provided, and you gain a useful skill. The Humboldt County Library partners with the VITA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program to provide tax help for community members who need it. Get trained to be a tax preparer or a greeter. Work with a great team of like-minded volunteers. You may serve in a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) location in your own neighborhood or choose to travel with other volunteers to areas that need your help.

Flexible Hours & Training

Your volunteer hours can be arranged to flex around your other commitments. There is no experience necessary to apply. All volunteers are welcome, and bilingual people are especially encouraged to put your abilities to a very good use here. 

Starting in December or January each year, free training is provided so that volunteer tax helpers can become IRS-certified. Training can be self-paced online, with trainer support, or if you prefer you can train in person right here in Humboldt.

What's the Time Commitment?

Training might take around ten hours of your time, or more, depending on what you already know and whether you choose to take just the basics or advanced training as well. 

Volunteers can expect to spend from 4 to15 hours per week greeting or preparing returns during the tax season. Tax season usually stretches from late January or early February to April 15. Typically you will be working with a team, which allows some flexibility in scheduling.

Sign Up in November or December to Receive Training.  Here's how.

To volunteer for 'Earn it, Keep it, Save it', you can contact United Way of the Wine Country, in November or December, at 707-528-4485.  Or, sign up online using this Google Form. You'll be trained and ready in time for the upcoming tax season!

What's Great about Volunteering Your Help with VITA?

Your help is truly needed -- and highly effective. When you volunteer to help people receive the tax refunds they have earned and qualify for, you literally put money back in their pockets, and into our local economy to help Humboldt communities thrive.

In Humboldt County, hardworking low-income families pay several million dollars more in taxes than they should, because they are not aware of the tax credits and deductions that are meant to help them keep the money they earned. Volunteers for 'Earn it, Keep it, Save it' actively prevent these dollars from leaving our communities and help these families achieve greater financial security.

In addition to helping people and boosting our economy, volunteering for VITA is a chance to engage with the public, add a great skill to your resume, and be a part of a team. It's a rewarding and educational experience.

You'll be Helping Your Neighbor.

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