Hazardous Fuels Reduction Plan Update

This plan has been updated and is now superseded by the 
Humboldt County Community Wildfire Protection Plan 2013 Update. The links below are provided for reference only. Please refer to the updated plan for current risk assessment analysis and action recommendations.  

The Hazardous Fuels Reduction Plan was drafted to refresh the hazardous fuels reduction plan portion of the 2006 Humboldt County Master Fire Protection Plan (MFPP). The results of the update process were cataloged and displayed in the following document as well as in a web-based Geographic Information systems (GIS) mapping tool known as the Humboldt GIS Portal.

The fuels reduction project data described in this document and displayed in the GIS Portal were generated through the evaluation of projects identified in the 2006 MFPP, gathered at community based meetings, and reviewed and refined by local Fire Safe Council (FSC) representatives, Humboldt County staff, and fire agency personnel.

If you have questions or comments about this plan, please email Cybelle Immitt or call her at 267-9542