Fire Adapted Landscapes & Safe Homes (FLASH)

This program is not currently active. However, the HCFSC is actively pursuing grant funding to continue this program. 

For a number of years, Humboldt County received National Fire Plan grant funds from the USDA Forest Service through the California Fire Safe Council to support a cost share program designed to assist property owners with the job of reducing their risk to wildfire by thinning flammable vegetation around their homes and along their access routes.

The program focuses on high wildfire hazard areas in Humboldt County and will reimburse property owners as much as $650 per acre up to a maximum of $3,000. For more details, view the FLASH 2014 information handout.
FLASH Technician Training
Properties at Risk
Is your property at risk to damage from wildfire? Do you want to reduce flammable vegetation near your home or along your access road but can't afford to cover the whole cost yourself? Contact a representative from your area to get signed up for the program.

Contact Information by Area
Ph: 707-267-9542

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