Interactive Housing Inventory Mapping System (2005)

The data from this system can now be accessed via the WebGIS. The information provided on this page is archival.

This system allowed public review and comment about parcels that are included in the county's housing inventory. This inventory contains the county's estimates of additional development potential for parcels that have been planned and zoned for residential use.

We were particularly interested in whether you think we had either under or over-estimated the additional development potential of a given parcel. Public comments were reviewed, received responses, and where warranted, our estimate of development potential.

Go to the WebGIS to see the results. Housing Inventory layers will need to be turned on in the Jurisdiction Boundaries & Land Use group.


Please note the accuracy of the geographic information system (GIS) parcel lines shown in this system varies from location to location in the county. This GIS system is useful for planning purposes, but should not be relied upon to determine property, zoning or general plan designation boundaries or be used in any way for project design. Humboldt County Community Development Services (HCCDS) makes no guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of this data. It has not been fully reviewed for accuracy and is intended to be used for planning purposes only. HCCDS assumes no liability or responsibility in the use, or misuse, of this data.

System Important Notes

  • The system originally used April 2005 parcel housing inventory estimates.
  • This system only had development potential information for parcels in the unincorporated areas of Humboldt County, not parcels in the cities of Arcata, Blue Lake, Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale, Rio Dell, or Trinidad. Contact each city for information about development potential for those parcels.

Online Help

Online help is also available for the Web GIS.