Tobacco-Free Humboldt

Thinking about stopping smoking? Tobacco-Free Humboldt can help.

The Tobacco-Free Humboldt Program (TFH) started in 1988. The program receives funding from the California tobacco tax. This tax supports statewide tobacco-use prevention and quit-smoking programs.

Current Priorities

The activities in the 2022-2025 plan include the following:

  • Reduce Exposure to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke.  Secondhand smoke is toxic and cancer-causing. TFH supports development of outdoor smoke-free policies to protect our community, youth, and pets from secondhand and thirdhand smoke. We also help multi-unit housing property owners to adopt no-smoking rules.
  • Reduce the Availability of Tobacco.  There is a high density of tobacco and alcohol retailers in local cities compared to the rest of the state. TFH supports policies that reduce the availability of tobacco. We support healthy choices in the retail environment.
  • Increase Youth Engagement in Local Tobacco Control.  Young people are targets of tobacco marketing. They are also vulnerable to unhealthy community influences. TFH supports development of opportunities to engage young people in tobacco-control activities.
  • Increase community outreach and involvement in the local coalition, the Tobacco Education Network, which is primarily focused on reducing nicotine use and dependence in Humboldt County.


Other agencies in the community with tobacco-related funding:

  • Rural Initiatives Strengthening Equity (RISE)
  • Tobacco-Free North Coast (TNFC)
  • Communities Against Nicotine (CAN)
  • NorCal4Health
  • Public schools
  • United Indian Health Services (UIHS).

Get Involved

We rely on volunteers to do important work. Please join the Tobacco Education Network (TEN). For more information, call 707-268-2132 or e-mail