Multifamily Rezone Project

Overview of the Multifamily Rezone Project

The purpose of the Multifamily Rezone Project is to up-zone volunteered properties meeting the requirements of State law to allow multifamily development by-right.  This slide deck (PDF) gives an overview of the Multifamily Rezone Project.  For more information please see the Board of Supervisors November 9, 2021 agenda item:

More information coming soon!

California law requires localities to plan for their fair share of future housing needs, including housing affordable to lower income individuals and households. Each jurisdiction must assess their housing needs by conducting site-specific inventories to ensure at all times the locality has an adequate number of sites zoned to allow multifamily housing at higher densities. Other factors to be considered include the availability of public services, such as water, sewer, and fire services, and environmental constraints that might make it difficult to construct multifamily housing, such as wetlands or steep slopes.


For more information on the 2019 Housing Element's Multifamily Rezone Project, please contact Michelle Nielsen, Senior Planner, by email, or phone at 707-268-3708.