Healthy Kids Humboldt

Healthy Kids Humboldt is the local Children’s Health Initiative that reaches out to uninsured families and helps enroll the children in low-and no-cost health insurance, as well as connect them to local medical care. Its goal is to ensure that all eligible Humboldt County children, ages 0 to 19, have access to preventative and emergency health care.

How It Works

Healthy Kids Humboldt enrolls children in the correct insurance programs:
  • Medi-Cal: Comprehensive coverage to low income children at no-cost
  • Covered California: Comprehensive coverage at a low cost to low- and middle income children.


Depending on family income, children can be enrolled in one of the above programs. Families can call Healthy Kids Humboldt to make an appointment with a Certified Application Assistant (CAA).

The CAA will help to determine the best program for the child and assist the family with the paperwork so that the child can access health care.

Healthy Kids Humboldt also works with families who are low income, but not eligible for federally or state-funded insurance programs, to ensure that their children have access to preventive medical care through local partnerships.