Community Services

  1. Agricultural Commissioner

    The Agricultural Commissioner provides environmental protection through agricultural pest exclusion, detection, pesticide use enforcement, and support of USDA animal damage control program; protects consumers by inspecting/testing all commercial weighing devices and enforcing package label laws.

  2. Animal Control

    View information about our animal control division.

  3. Calendar

    See what's happening around the County.

  4. Child Support Services

    Take a look at our child support services we offer.

  5. Cooperative Extension

    University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) has worked in partnership with the County of Humboldt and served the local community since it was founded in 1913.

  1. Elections & Voter Registration

    The Humboldt County Elections Office strives to ensure that all eligible residents are able to exercise their right to vote; that elections are held in a fair, accurate, and efficient manner; and to provide reliable information and the best possible service to voters, media, and others interested in our elections.

  2. Parks & Trails

    Explore the outdoors.

  3. Public Library

    California's Humboldt County Library consists of a main library in Eureka, ten branch libraries, and a bookmobile. Humboldt County is largely rural and covers a wide area of Northern California coast and mountains. The County Library system provides free access to information, culture, history and education through books, media, internet access, and events. Libraries throughout the county offer these services free of charge.

  4. UC Cooperative Extension

    Our vision is to develop and facilitate the implementation of innovative, useful solutions to agriculture, natural and human resource issues.