2014 Housing Element

Index NumberNameDateTopicSummary of Comments
HE-1 (PDF)Brent Sherman7/20/2013New ProgramSuggests design review for new homes to enhance neighborhood compatibility
HE-2 (PDF)Cher' Porter-Keisner9/9/2013Property Tax ReliefFollow up meeting number 3, with concern over persons losing their houses due to delinquent taxes, lack of nomadic campgrounds, and landlord constraints
HE-3 (PDF)Cher' Porter-Keisner9/20/2013Predatory LendingInformation about legal action needed to stop predatory lending
HE-4 (PDF)Cher' Porter-Keisner10/19/2013HomelessInformation about how foreclosure homes could help homeless people, who are people without homes
HE-5 (PDF)Tina Christensen10/29/2013VariousReference to letter dated January 2012 on the 2009 Housing Element on second units (development standards, solar shading, and housing opportunity zones), no loss of commercial space, and housing trust fund / in lieu fees
HE-6 (PDF)Redwood Community Action Agency2/6/2013Housing Trust Fund, SprawlRequest that a housing trust fund be established and limit development of sprawl into forested and other agricultural lands
HE-7 (PDF)Humboldt Association of Realtors (HAR)2/10/2013Solar Shading and Grey Water Septic SystemsRequest that Planning Commission ask staff to prepare a state / county comparison chart, and that Environmental Health be at the next meeting to discuss Grey Water Septic Systems
HE-8 (PDF)HAR2/13/2014VariousSpecific comments on policies, standards, and implementation measures
HE-9 (PDF)McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD)3/10/2014VariousSpecific comments on second units, MCSD infrastructure capacity, housing opportunity zones, residential above commercial, and general comments
HE-10 (PDF)McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee3/11/2014Second Units and Housing Opportunity ZonesSupports expanding housing opportunity zones, relaxing secondary unit requirements, and reducing second unit fees
HE-11 (PDF)Northern California Association of Homebuilders3/13/2014General Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR), Mid-Point DensitySpecific comments on the General Plan EIR, and an excerpt from California Government Code Section 65850-65863.13 regarding mid-point density
HE-12 (PDF)MCSD3/24/2014Copy of letter to Housing and Community Development (HCD) regarding: sewer hookupsConcern that Appendix's G and J do not factor in an SHN Engineering analysis regarding sewer capacity in McKinleyville
HE-13 (PDF)Tim Gill, Forster-Gill Inc.3/4/2014Copy of letter to HCD regarding: several ongoing concernsSeveral concerns over the residential land inventory, including second units is not valid, not fully implementing current element, documents not posted, and lack of sewer capacity for affordable housing residential land (AH) growth
HE-14 (PDF)MCSD4/7/2014Comments on Appendix JSpecific comments on Appendix J
HE-15 (PDF)State of California Department of HCD4/3/2014HCD letter regarding additional information neededLetter from the state HCD regarding additional items needed to approve the draft Housing Element plan
HE-16 (PDF)Bonnie MacGregor4//1/2014Comments on Implementation MeasuresSpecific Comments: H-IM24 change title and H-IM30 add an agency
Table Contains Public Comments Received For 2014 Housing Element