2009 Housing Element

Public Comments

Index NumberName DateTopicSummary of Comments
HE-1HELP1/6/2009N/APublic participation in development of Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) numbers
HE-2 (PDF)Northern California Association of Home Builders (NCHB)1/9/2009N/AOutline of January 8 commission presentation
HE-3 (PDF)Hans Parshall1/8/2009N/ASuggested policy revisions
HE-4 (PDF)Humboldt Association of Realtors (HAR)1/20/2009N/AHousing Element public review period
HE-5 (PDF)HELP1/21/2009N/ARHNA, Public participation, Housing and Community Development (HCD) requirements, land inventory, infrastructure and consistency requirements
HE-6 (PDF)NCHB1/22/2009N/AFlyer on NCHB Housing Element concerns
HE-7 (PDF)Elena Susmilch1/22/2009N/APublic record keeping for housing needs and land inventory numbers
HE-8 (PDF)Humboldt County Resource Lands Working Group (HCRLWG)1/27/2009N/AInventory rural lands for use in meeting the county's future housing needs
HE-9 (PDF)HAR to Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG)1/27/2009N/ARHNA process
HE-10 (PDF)HELP to HCAOG1/29/2009N/ARHNA methodology
HE-11 (PDF)HAR1/27/2009N/ANeeds of moderate and above moderate housing
HE-12 (PDF)HAR - Key issues1/27/2009N/AResponse to key issues prepared by staff
HE-13 (PDF)HAR - Voting charts1/28/2009N/AResponse to Plan Alternatives Comparison Chart as prepared by staff
HE-14 (PDF)Susie VanKirk1/27/2009N/AHousing shortage for low income
HE-15 (PDF)Steve Moser1/28/2009N/AEmergency shelters in Airport Business Park
HE-16 (PDF)Stacy Becker2/8/2009N/AEmergency shelters in the wake of the economic disaster
HE-17 (PDF)Healthy Humboldt Voting charts2/12/2009N/AResponse to Plan Alternatives Comparison Chart as prepared by staff
HE-18 (PDF)NCHB1/30/2009N/AQuestions for the Planning Commission regarding inclusionary zoning
HE-19 (PDF)Security National to HCD2/17/2009N/ALetter to HCD regarding lack of public workshops on element
HE-20 (PDF)Nonprofit Housing Association of Northern California2/17/2009N/AJobs housing linkage programs and inclusionary zoning
HE-21 (PDF)Melinda Moser2/17/2009N/AEmail - CDS website - Use of Airport Business Park for transitional housing
HE-22 (PDF)Richard Dunning2/17/2009N/AEmail - Need for low income housing and inclusionary zoning
HE-23 (PDF)HELP to HCOAG2/17/2009N/ARequesting response to letter dated January 29, 2009
HE-24 (PDF)Lynne Kerman2/9/2009N/AEmail - CDS website - Need for low income housing and jobs
HE-25 (PDF)Sam King2/17/2009N/ASupports Healthy Humboldt's comments, need for inclusionary zoning and Alternative A
HE-26 (PDF)Bill Spencer2/26/2009N/ALetter to the editor supporting inclusionary zoning
HE-27 (PDF)Bill Spencer2/23/2009N/ASupport for inclusionary zoning and additional tools to provide affordable housing
HE-28 (PDF)Scott Menzies2/25/2009N/ASupport for inclusionary zoning and Healthy Humboldt's policy recommendations
HE-29 (PDF)Steve Lowe2/25/2009N/ASupport for Healthy Humboldt's positions on inclusionary zoning, infill and Alternative A policies
HE-30 (PDF)Rudy Ramp2/25/2009N/ASupport for inclusionary zoning and requests that it be placed in the proposed plan
HE-31 (PDF)Reneson Hotels2/13/2009N/ADoes not support allowing emergency homeless shelters in the Airport Business Park
HE-32 (PDF)HAR2/23/2009N/AVoting charts on the draft housing element policies
HE-33 (PDF)HAR2/23/2009N/AInformation sent to the Board of Supervisors regarding inclusionary zoning
HE-34 (PDF)HELP2/25/2009N/APublic Records Act request to the Headwaters Fund Board regarding active loans and grants from the Headwaters Fund
HE-35 (PDF)Healthy Humboldt petition2/19/2009N/APetitions supporting Healthy Humboldt's policy positions on the Housing Element and Alternative A
HE-36 (PDF)Joyce King2/19/2009N/ASupports inclusionary zoning policies and requests a change in the allocation process for RHNA numbers for the McKinleyville area
HE-37 (PDF)NCHB newsletter2/2009N/AFebruary newsletter
HE-38 (PDF)Stacey Urhammer2/26/2009N/AExcerpts from Humboldt State University (HSU) economic website regarding home sales
HE-39 (PDF)Virginia Graziani3/9/2009Environmental Impact Report (EIR)Comments on EIR
HE-40 (PDF)Healthy Humboldt3/10/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-41 (PDF)Joyce King3/10/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-42 (PDF)Housing for All3/11/2009N/AResponse to voting charts - cover letter supporting inclusionary zoning and mixed housing developments
HE-43 (PDF)HAR3/12/2009N/AResponse to voting charts - cover letter
HE-44 (PDF)Bonnie Blackberry3/19/2009N/APreservation of rural housing stock and fair opportunities for public participation for rural owners
HE-45 (PDF)Virginia Graziani3/9/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-46 (PDF)HAR3/17/2009N/ARemainder of voting charts
HE-47 (PDF)HELP3/12/2009N/AHCOAG and RHNA housing numbers
HE-48 (PDF)Healthy Humboldt3/12/2009N/ARevised voting charts
HE-49 (PDF)Citizens of Phillipsville3/19/2009N/AConcerned regarding using motels for transient housing in the Phillipsville area
HE-50 (PDF)Riverwood Inn3/19/2009N/AConcern for transitional housing in motels
HE-51 (PDF)Kevin Caldwell10/16/2008N/AHousing numbers in the Miranda area
HE-52 (PDF)Kevin Caldwell3/15/2009N/AMultiple housing issues and building permits
HE-53 (PDF)Kevin Caldwell3/16/2009N/AHousing numbers in the Miranda area and Madrona Motel
HE-54 (PDF)Kevin Caldwell3/16/2009N/ACorrections to Land Inventory
HE-55 (PDF)Abbot and Kinderman (HELP)4/6/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-56 (PDF)Baykeepers4/6/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-57 (PDF)Healthy Humboldt4/6/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-58 (PDF)Jim Zoellick4/7/2009EIRComments supporting Alternative A, including the Focused Growth Alternative, requests inclusionary zoning for affordable housing
HE-59 (PDF)Robert Sutherlin4/6/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-60 (PDF)Redwood Alliance Climate Action Project4/7/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-61 (PDF)Daniel Ehresman4/6/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-62 (PDF)Jerry Martien and Jenny Finch4/6/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-63 (PDF)Brian Mitchell4/5/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-64 (PDF)Tom Grover4/7/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-65 (PDF)Fhyre Phoenix4/2/2009N/ASupport for Alternative A and focused growth housing
HE-66 (PDF)Mary Anderson4/2/2009N/ASupport for Alternative A, limit RHNA number in unincorporated areas, and support more low income housing opportunities
HE-67 (PDF)Patti Rose4/3/2009N/AMore flexibility for location and provisions of emergency homeless shelters
HE-68 (PDF)Neal Latt4/5/2009N/ASupport for Alternative A and inclusionary zoning
HE-69 (PDF)David Stacey3/20/2009N/ASupport for Alternative A and inclusionary zoning
HE-70 (PDF)HAR3/24/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-71 (PDF)HAR3/23/2009N/AFrustrated by the review process and support materials for the Housing Element
HE-72 (PDF)George Clark4/14/2009N/AAdvocates for inclusionary zoning and mixed use housing opportunities to provide housing for all income levels
HE-73 (PDF)Housing for All4/13/2009N/ARecommends consideration of an inclusionary zoning ordinance
HE-74 (PDF)HCD4/13/2009N/AStatutory review of the Housing Element by the Department of HCD
HE-75 (PDF)John Shelter4/12/2009N/ARequest to increase the number on the limit of beds for emergency shelters
HE-76 (PDF)Susie Van Kirk4/13/2009N/ARequest to increase the number on the limit of beds for emergency shelters
HE-77 (PDF)Humboldt All Faith Partnership4/13/2009N/ARequest to increase the number on the limit of beds for emergency shelters
HE-78 (PDF)Judy Stanfield4/14/2009N/AResponding to letter submitted by Kevin Caldwell dated 3-16-09 (HE-53) regarding building in the Philipsville area
HE-79 (PDF)Alcohol Drug Care Services4/15/2009N/ARequest to increase the number on the occupants for homeless shelters
HE-80 (PDF)Nancy and Glenn Pritchard4/15/2009EIRComments on EIR
HE-81 (PDF)Richard Totten4/14/2009N/ARequesting a change of the floodplain zoning overlay on his property in Phillipsville
HE-82 (PDF)HAR4/16/2009EIRConcerned over the noticing process for both the Housing Element and General Plan update (GPU) land use element public hearings
HE-83 (PDF)Steve Horner4/21/2009N/AQuestions regarding the land inventory for the Housing Element and GPU
HE-84 (PDF)NCHB4/16/2009EIRComments on draft EIR and the regional needs assessment process
HE-85 (PDF)Forster-Gill4/22/2009N/AHousing Element and Ridgewood Village development project
HE-86 (PDF)Bill Barnum4/30/2009N/ALegal opinion regarding the applicability of the Building Industry Association of Central California (BIACC) vs. City of Patterson as it relates to inclusionary zoning
HE-87 (PDF)HAR5/18/2009N/ALetter to HCOAG regarding the RHNA numbers and process
HE-88 (PDF)Human Rights Commission5/14/2009N/AHousing Element policies as they relate to the homeless population and emergency shelters
HE-89 (PDF)Stacy Becker2/8/2009N/AEmergency housing (SB-2) as it relates to natural disasters
HE-90 (PDF)Virginia Graziani4/28/2009N/AVarious Housing Element policies and standards (HE-S5, infrastructure needs, HOZ and detached bedrooms)
HE-91 (PDF)HELP5/20/2009N/ARequest to form a General Plan Task Force to review the HE policies
HE-92 (PDF)Megan Wade Antieau5/21/2009N/ASupports compact development, inclusionary zoning and limiting sprawl
HE-94 (PDF)Orick Community Services District (OCSD)5/21/2009N/AConcerned that Orick is being considered for more low income housing, housing opportunity zones (HOZ) and emergency shelters
HE-95 (PDF)Department of Fish and Game8/12/2009N/AComments on the EIR
HE-96 (PDF)Emma Nelson6/23/2009N/AWould like the development plans for the county to remain the same, and not be influenced by state HCD regulations
HE-97 (PDF)Healthy Humboldt7/22/2009N/ALetter to HCOAG regarding the RHNA allocation process
HE-98 (PDF)Recirculated supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) comment letters8/6/2009EIRComment letters included: HAR (8-3-09); Abbot and Kinderman (8-3-09); Brian Mitchell (8-04-09); NCHB (7-30-08); HELP (8-4-09); and Healthy Humboldt (8-04-09)
HE-99 (PDF)HELP to Board of Supervisors6/16/2009N/ALetter to Board of Supervisors regarding the RHNA allocation process
HE-100 (PDF)HELP to HCOAG6/15/2009N/APublic Records Act request to HCOAG on the RHNA allocation process
HE-101 (PDF)HCOAG to HELP6/24/2009N/AHCOAG response to HELP's Public Records Act request of 6-15-09
HE-102 (PDF)HELP to HCOAG6/25/2009N/AHELP's response to HCOAG's response to HELP's Public Records Act request of 6-15-09
HE-103 (PDF)HELP to Board of Supervisors6/18/2009N/ARequest for information on the new permit tracking software as it relates to application processing time
HE-104 (PDF)NCHB6/17/2009N/AConcerned regarding process and public comments for revised information on the SEIR or alternatives
HE-105 (PDF)Security National to HCOAG5/29/2009N/AConcerned that the RHNA process is flawed
Public Comments Received for the Housing Element