Emergency Preparedness & Response

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Program provides the tools and the staff to:
  • Plan for emergency response to public health critical events
  • Purchase the equipment necessary for these plans
  • Train staff, community partners, and the public in the use of emergency plans.
The program originally began in response to the increased possibility of man-made disasters such as bioterrorism.

Humboldt Health Alert
Humboldt Health Alert is your resource for information about current health issues that may effect residents and visitors in Humboldt County. You can learn about critical issues that may impact community health and access information that you can use to avoid illness or injury.

Our goals are to:
  • Strengthen the public health system capacity to effectively manage disease surveillance, rapid and accurate detection, control and prevention of illness and injury resulting from biological terrorism and infectious disease outbreaks
  • Develop a seamless response to potential acts of bioterrorism or natural disasters that includes public health, medical care, and emergency/disaster management systems
  • Ensure that rapid and secure communication exists among public health and other public or private agencies during any public health emergency.