Professional Team

The Team

Youth in foster care often have many professional service providers who work together to meet their needs. This team may consist of the following:

  • Adoptions Social Worker
  • Child Welfare Services Social Worker
  • Counselor
  • Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)
  • Foster Parent(s)
  • Other community representatives
  • Teachers
  • Youth’s parent(s) or Relatives

TDM Meeting

When a youth is removed from his or her home, moves to a foster home or relative placement, or returns home a Team Decision Making (TDM) meeting will be held. A TDM brings together people who are involved with the family to make a decision about the care and placement of the youth. TDM meetings focus on keeping the youth safe while preserving family and community connections.


  • Children are more likely to remain in their communities, neighborhoods, and schools.
  • Improved quality of decisions - more information, more ideas
  • Involves and gives a voice to families, caregivers, service providers, and community
  • People and places important to the youth are acknowledged and respected