General Relief

The General Relief program is a county-funded general assistance program for indigent county residents that offers repayable benefits. General Relief is not an entitlement program. To be eligible to receive General Relief, an individual must meet restrictive income and property limits.

The program provides services to disabled recipients to assist with the processing of their applications for SSI/SSP. It will also aid with the reconsiderations for those whose SSI/SSP applications have been denied. This includes help in gathering medical, social, psychological and other information necessary to the application/reconsideration.

Incapacitated individuals must be actively seeking medical treatment as a condition of General Relief eligibility.

Temporary Services
The program also provides temporary services to employable individuals. Cal-JOBS work registration and job search are mandatory. Direct work assignment placements that will accommodate health limitations will be made at the office of Social Services. A job club workshop through the state's Employment Development Department is also mandatory.