General Relief


The General Relief program is a county-funded general assistance program for county residents who lack minimum resources for food, shelter and medical care. The GR program acts as a safety net as most recipients of GR are ineligible for other types of cash assistance offered through the federal and state programs. These benefits must be repaid.


The goal of GR is to provide supports and services to individuals to enable them to achieve self-sufficiency through employment, or, if disabled, to secure federal assistance.

Employment Training

Benefits for employable individuals are limited to three months in a 12-month period. Abled-bodied customers must be available to meet GR work requirements, complete monthly job searches and participate in Helping Humboldt, an occupational empowerment program to gain job skills and work experience.

Disability Advocacy

Individuals with a verifiable disability that prevents them from even light work, such as clerical, assembly etc., may be excused from work activities and be provided with assistance through the application process for SSI/SSP. Individuals with health issues preventing work must be actively seeking medical treatment as a condition of General Relief eligibility.