Hazard Mitigation Program Details

Background of the Program

The (DMA) requires local governments to adopt a federally approved Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan in order to receive from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. The DMA emphasizes planning for disasters before they occur.

Humboldt Hazard Mitigation Partnership

In order to maintain funding eligibility and in the spirit of good planning, The Humboldt Hazard Mitigation Partnership secured FEMA funds to update the 2008 Humboldt Operational Area Hazard Mitigation Plan.

The partnership consists of eligible local governments within the Humboldt operational area. This partnership has been working together to address multiple hazards faced by Humboldt County communities. A is provided on this website which demonstrates that much valuable work has already been accomplished.

Reason for the Plan

This webpage has been established to provide all interested citizens and stakeholders within the planning area access to the plan update process as well as information about plan implementation and grant opportunities.

This type of plan strives to inventory potential hazards that the defined planning area is most vulnerable to, assess the risk to the planning area’s citizens, buildings and critical facilities, and develop a mitigation strategy to reduce the risk of exposure and allow a swift and organized recovery should a disaster occur.

A guiding help to focus the planning process on selecting appropriate hazard mitigation activities for the Humboldt operational area. The hazards that this plan addresses include:

  • Dam Failure
  • Drought
  • Earthquake
  • Fish Losses
  • Flood
  • Landslides and Other Mass Movement
  • Severe Weather
  • Tsunami
  • Wildfire

Who is Involved?

There are 34 participating in the plan update process from a broad range of jurisdictions including all of Humboldt County's 7 cities and several special services districts. This is an increase of 8 jurisdictions from the original group of 26.

Planning Partners are jurisdictions that participate in the process along with the county to the extent that they are included in the updated hazard mitigation plan with their own annex. This annex is equivalent to having their own plan which makes them eligible for hazard mitigation funding from FEMA.

Steering Committee

A 14 member Steering Committee was formed to oversee the details of the plan update and future implementation. The consists of stakeholder representatives from a variety of local agencies and organizations with interests and experience relevant to the Hazard Mitigation Program. The purpose and structure of this committee is guided by the . If you are interested in the activities of this committee, you are welcome to review their meeting agendas and minutes.

Planning Team

A Planning Team has been assembled to update the plan and facilitate stakeholder involvement. This team consists of county planning staff and consultant staff from and .

Helpful Information

Please contact Cybelle Immitt with the County Natural Resources Planning Division by telephone at 707-267-9542 or or Dan Larkin of the County Office of Emergency Services by telephone at 707-268-2502 or for more information on how they are coordinating the plan update process.