IHSS Eligibility

Individuals who want to receive In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) complete an application, then a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) employee will come to the individual’s home and assess the individual’s abilities to live safely at home.

The individual’s medical condition, living arrangement, and resources currently available will be taken into consideration. If the individual is determined eligible, he or she chooses a person to provide the services needed.

Care Provider

A family member or friend may serve as a care provider, or one may be selected through the Care Provider Registry. If you are interested in becoming an IHSS Care Provider, read the IHSS Handbook (PDF) and contact us for more information.


To be eligible for IHSS, an applicant must:
  • Be a California resident and reside in his or her own home
  • Be aged 65 and over, blind, or disabled
  • Be receiving Medi-Cal benefits
  • Have low income as set by Supplemental Security Income (SSI)/State Supplementary Payment (SSP) standards
    • If income exceeds SSI/SSP standards, eligibility may exist with a share of cost.