Local Hazard Mitigation

Plan Update
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved the Humboldt Operational Area Hazard Mitigation Plan on March 20, 2014. The hazard plan includes an assessment of the planning area’s risks from hazard events such as earthquake, flood, tsunami, and wildfire; it also includes a list of proposed initiatives designed to minimize future hazard-related damage.

Those participating jurisdictions that adopted the plan are now eligible for project grants under FEMA’s hazard mitigation assistance programs, including Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, Pre-Disaster Mitigation and Flood Mitigation Assistance grant programs.

This hazard plan will serve as a coordinating document for the risk reduction efforts of participating planning partners for the next 5 years. To remain current, the plan must be updated before March 20, 2019.

Reason for a Hazard Mitigation Plan
Hazard mitigation is the use of long- and short-term strategies to reduce or alleviate the loss of life, personal injury, and property damage that can result from a disaster. It involves strategies that can mitigate the impacts of hazards such as:
  • Planning
  • Policy Changes
  • Programs
  • Projects
It is impossible to predict exactly when and where disasters will occur or the extent to which they will impact an area, but with careful planning and collaboration among public agencies, stakeholders and citizens, it is possible to minimize losses that disasters can cause.

Humboldt County Working with FEMA
The hazard plan is also a key to funding under FEMA hazard mitigation grant programs. Two planning partners have already used the plan to leverage FEMA grant funding. The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District has obtained 2 hazard mitigation grants for pipeline replacement projects that will help ensure their capacity to provide potable water to residents in the event of an earthquake or flood disaster. The City of Fortuna also secured a hazard mitigation grant for the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Flood Protection Project (PDF).

Humboldt Operational Area Hazard Mitigation Plan
February 2014 Update

Volume 1 - Planning Area Wide Elements

Volume 2 - Planning Partner Annexes