Boating Unit

The Sheriff's Jet boat navigates a river

 The Humboldt County Sheriff's Boating Safety Program is a full-time year round program dedicated to the following:

  • Enforcement of state and local measures for regulation of boating activities.
  • Education programs
  • Inspection of vessels
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Recovery of drowned bodies
The Boating Program is made up of one full-time deputy, Marine Posse members and SCOP members. The deputy and the boats are funded by a grant from California Department of Boating and Waterways. The grant is funded with local Boat Tax and state boat registration.

Activities & Events

The Boating Program's most common activities include boating and Enforcement Patrol on all waterways in the County and the Pacific Ocean out to 3 miles, boating safety displays at places like the Bayshore Mall, and with other local organizations. The Boating Program is also responsible for supervision of local water events like the Kinetic Sculpture Race and the Fourth of July Fireworks.

Additional Responsibilities

The Boating Deputies have been able to assist beat deputies with back-up when no other patrol deputies are available. They also assist with land search and rescue as additional manpower, or as the lead deputy.

Programs Success

The Boating Safety Program has been a success. As a result of the program, the number of violations and accidents have decreased.