Volunteers & Supporters

The Humboldt County Library exists because the citizens of Humboldt value education, culture, and community. 

The library is sustained on a daily basis by taxpayers, volunteers, donors and library patrons.  We list some of the many ways to support your library below.

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Humboldt County Library logo, a mighty redwood, sea & mountain, framed by a book.
Photos of a variety of people who are readers.

Buy-a-Book Campaign

Contribute funds to buy a book in honor of an occasion, a person, or an organization!  The book will be labeled with a short message to tell the reader who is being honored. You can also give a 'shelf' or a 'wall' or books, to make a splendid contribution to local readers.


Tools to help you speak up for libraries at the national, state, and local level.

Book Donations

Here's how to donate books, when to bring them to the library, and how to make an appointment if you are bringing a large number of books.

Monetary Donations

You can donate money in a variety of ways to suit all levels of donor.

Library Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers make the libraries work better in countless ways. Here's how to become a Library Volunteer.

Library Funding 

Get an overall picture of  how our Library System is funded.

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library organizations benefit every part of the Library.  Join to show your support of the Library or to become part of the Friends volunteer efforts.

Humboldt Library Foundation

The Humboldt Library Foundation is an independent nonprofit corporation, dedicated to the support of our public libraries. If you want to support the Library for future generations, this is the group that will help you do it.

Two shelves of books, among the hundreds in the bookstore.

Book Sales 

Buy lightly used books & support the library! When weather permits, open-air book sales continue on an occasional basis at the main library in Eureka. Check with your branch library to find out if any are planned for that location.

Friends of the Library Book Sales are special occasions at nearly every branch of the library.  When there isn't a sale, you can buy online or in person from the Friends of the Library Serendipity Store on the second floor of the Eureka Main Library. 

Serendipity Bookstore

Due to the pandemic, the bookstore is closed for now. In normal times, bookstore is open during library hours and has a large selection of books.  Prices are very affordable, and the money supports the Friends in their projects to benefit the entire Humboldt County Library.