Government , Tax Forms  &  Statistics

  • Docuticker -- New reports and statistics from USA and worldwide.

  • Education Data - Statistics about local schools & students.

  • FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Guide to Humboldt County Government - The League of Women Voters created this guide.  It's not updated every year but gives an overview of what our local government offices do.

  • Public Data - Statistics on the world, nations, & peoples
  • ProCon - Pros & cons of controversial issues, with links to statistics to back up each argument
  • Sunlight Foundation - A nonpartisan, nonprofit source of facts about United States bills, legislation, foreign influence, political issues in Congress, and government.
  • - US Government Agencies and Information.

  • USAfacts - Makes an annual report on the US government and what it does in support of the aims outlined in the preamble to the Constitution.

  • World Bank Open Data current statistics about development and economic matters in countries around the globe.

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