Consumer Information

Auto Insurance - Low cost insurance for California.

Better Business Bureau - inspect the records of a business or charity, or make a complaint.

California Consumer Privacy Rights - protecting your data protects your privacy and may help prevent identity theft. Know and exercise your rights with this information.

Carfax - find vehicle history reports on used cars.

Company Background Check - Thinking of buying something from a new-to-you company?  Here's how to make a basic check to see if the seller is reliable.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Learn about mortgages, credit cards, student loans, complaints, consumers' rights, and more.

Consumer Price Indexes  Used to watch inflation, the cost of living, and adjust payments such as Social Security or Food Stamps, this index is also a key measure of government effectiveness. Businesses, unions, and investors use the CPI to make fact-based choices.

Consumer Product Safety Commission  Check on product safety, recalls, and remedies for recalls. Find safety tips. Report defective or dangerous products.

Consumer Reports Articles - Find them in the Library's MasterFile database. Use Advanced Search and enter Consumer Reports as the Publication before searching for your topic.

Contractors Licenses - Check a California contractor's license or home improvement sales registration.

Credit Reports - Make sure your record is safe. Check your reports yearly.

Greener Choices - Free information from Consumer Reports.

Grocery Saving Tips  This practical and upbeat blog from a mom who's a super-saver includes tips that can really work, from her and those who write in.

Guidestar - Find out a little about a nonprofit organization for free, or learn more with a membership. Search for a nonprofit by name, or by subject (for example 'tattoo removal').

Identity Theft - Help, reporting, and prevention tips from the Federal Trade Commission.

Internet Fraud - How to avoid it, and how to report it.

Internet Shopping Safety - Avoid problems & scams. Tips from the California Attorney General. 

Kelley Blue Book - Buying a new car, buying or selling a used car? Use the KBB to figure out a fair price. Get reviews and rankings of new cars. Compare new or used cars. 

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Safe Online Pharmacy List & Search Tool - Did you know that 95% of drugstores online operate illegally? Buying from the wrong one is very risky. Here you can choose from a list of  legal, safe online drugstores, or research the store you are thinking of buying from. Also, more information about buying safely (and finding discounts) is here at BuySaferRX.