Children's Internet Links

Links for families and children of all ages.

BBC Learning

BBC Bitesize Website  Learning games and activities for kids, from the British Broadcasting Company.

Cool Online Museums for Curious Kids

Explore the Museums Listed at Common Sense Media’s website.

From Common Sense Media, a list of interesting museum sites for children and teens.


Crunchzilla, Code Monster, Game Maven, more.

A kids and teens coding playground!  Learn to write code and (when you get good at it) make games.

Fact Monster

Fact Monster Website

This site has homework information, educational games, and opportunities to explore.


Citizenship Learning Games for age 10 and up.

Play games and learn about citizenship in the United States of America.  Learn about the government and how citizens make a difference. Anyone can learn to be a good citizen.

I’m Reading!

Starfall Website

Reading fun for children just learning to read, with stories they can enjoy and learn from.  

Interland, an  Internet Safety Game

Interland - Reality River. Play a safety game from Google. Answer questions to sink or swim in Reality River!

Math Snacks (English or Spanish versions)

Math Snacks Website

A small, fun collection of math videos and games created by New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab. You don't have to already like math to enjoy the fun side of it with these clever games. 

PBS Kids

Games, stories, videos, art & songs from pbs kids.

A fun learning website for young internet users, based on popular children’s public television shows.

Safer Chat Rooms for Kids & Tweens

Better social media chosen by Common Sense Media

Kids need to learn to navigate social media, yet parents are concerned about hazards on many popular sites. Here’s a list of better choices in social media apps and chat sites.

Science Bob

Science Bob Website

Science experiments and science fun for all ages, plus science videos of zero gravity, crazy foam, and exploding stuff.  

Sesame Street

Sesame Street Website

Fun and educational activities from the Sesame Street children’s show.

Smithsonian Science Game Center

Smithsonian Website

Games for kids that teach science ideas. Free, play online or download.

Storyline Online

Storyline Website

Children’s stories read aloud by actors, beautifully done.

Typing Games

Free Typing Games

Free Typing games help you practice for speed and accuracy.

Dance Mat Typing

Great for beginners. Learn correct hand placement for touch typing.

Fun Typing Games with Different Skill Levels

Fun typing games for little and big kids

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To Library Web Links

A chain of books and globes linked.

Select Sites for

Parents & Teachers

Children & Online Info

Civic Online Reasoning - Free lesson plans 

Kids need to know how to judge the accuracy of what they read online. For teachers, parents, and kids, from Stanford University.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media Website 

Age-based reviews for movies, TV, books, games, podcasts, apps, and more. 'Best of' lists and recommendations. (This site used to be free and can be a great tool for parents and teachers. It now asks for a fee to see more after you view your first 3 reviews.)