Comprehensive Community Treatment


The mission of the Comprehensive Community Treatment (CCT) Program is to help people with severe mental illnesses live successfully in the community, and reduce inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations.

Individualized services are provided to meet specific client needs. A team of providers collaborates to deliver integrated services of the recipients’ choice, monitor progress towards goals, and adjust services over time to meet the recipient’s changing needs.

CCT is based on the Assertive Community Treatment model with modifications for smaller rural communities.


The CCT Team Program Objectives are to work with individuals with severe mental illness to:
  • Decrease mental health symptoms and prevent recurrent episodes
  • Meet basic needs and enhance quality of life
  • Improve functioning in social and employment settings
  • Assist family members / care providers
  • Provide support for people to stay in their communities
CCT is a way of delivering a full range of services to people diagnosed with severe mental illness.

Target Population

The CCT model is indicated for adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses, which are psychiatric disorders that cause symptoms and impairments in basic mental and behavioral processes. CCT clients may be referred through the mental health management team and are evaluated for services by the treatment team.