2nd Floor

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Description of the Second Floor

  1. Microfilm and Microfilm Reader-Printers

    : These are available in the Periodical room. Older magazines and newspapers are here, some in print format and others in microfilm. There is also a copy machine in this room. It takes coins and bills, and makes black-and-white copies only.
  2. The Second Floor Service Desk

    : This is now located in the office to the right of the Serendipity Bookstore. This desk is staffed several days a week. When help is not available there, please ask for assistance from the Reference Desk on the first floor.
  3. The Humboldt Room:

    A peaceful room with a view of the harbor, this is the showpiece of the library. Here you will find our local history collection. Books, photos, maps, journals, yearbooks, rare documents and other materials for reference use are shelved here. A service desk, staffed by helpful and knowledgeable volunteers, is located just inside the door on your right as you enter. A copy machine is available, featuring both black and white and color copies. This room also houses a Closed Circuit TV Magnifier, enabling people with low vision to read print or view images at a more comfortable size.
  4. Stairs and Elevator to the First Floor:

     The elevator is entered from the art gallery. The stairs descend to your right as you enter the hallway leading from the art gallery to the administration office.
  5. Second Floor Emergency Exits:

    In an emergency, use the stairs to exit the second floor. You may use the ordinary stairs, if they are not unsafe due to the emergency. (If you use a wheelchair or cannot navigate stairs, please wait by the top of either set of stairs for emergency assistance.) There are two emergency exit doors, one from the Audiovisual Room and one from the Periodicals room.  Both lead to the emergency exit stairs at the end of a staff hallway. Turn left at the bottom of the emergency stairs and follow the signs to an exit that will take you out of the building. 

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