Rules for Using the Library Meeting Room

These rules are in addition to the requirements stated on the Meeting Room page.
Publicity: Required Statements
for Events in the Library Meeting Room

Groups not associated with the Library are required to state clearly in press releases and other publicity that the meeting is not Library-sponsored and that the presence of the group in the Library meeting rooms does not constitute endorsement by the Library.

The publicity must also state that the meeting site is accessible to people with disabilities.

Set-Up & Clean-Up

The group using the room will be responsible for its set-up and clean-up.  If light refreshments are served, the user group shall provide heavy trash bags and bag all residue. Failure to clean up the room satisfactorily can result in cancellation of any future use of the rooms by that group.

No Smoking
Smoking in any part of the library is prohibited.

No Alcohol
No alcohol is to be consumed on the library premises.

Damage or Loss
The library is not responsible for loss or damage to individual or group property before, during, or after the meeting. The library cannot supply supervision over exhibits or group displays.

Maximum Occupancy
The number of persons present at one time may not exceed the capacity of the room as stated in the meeting room sign.

Children’s and young people’s groups must be adequately supervised by responsible adults at all times.

Normal Library Operation
Activities and programs by groups in the meeting rooms shall be conducted in a manner which will not interfere with normal library operation.

Permission to Use a Meeting Room
Permission to use a meeting room is not transferable from one organization to another. If the individual in charge of an approved meeting should be other than the individual signing the application, the person signing the application will be held responsible for the proper use of the room.

Written Permit
Permission to use the meeting room shall be evidenced by a written permit signed by the Departmental Secretary and showing the name of the organization granted such permit, and the date and times when the use of the Library by such organizations is permitted.

Permission is Revocable
Any permission granted for use of the meeting room may be canceled or rejected by the County Library when necessary for the protection of County property, the preservation of order, or other sufficient reason.