Eureka Library's Large Meeting Room

A Description of the Meeting Room

The Eureka Main Library's large meeting room has a maximum standing room capacity of 150.  Approximately 80 people can sit comfortably. There are a screen, projector, and sound system. Tables are available on request. Light refreshments may be served as outlined in the meeting room rules linked below. There is a small counter with a sink and a place to plug in your coffee urn.


Library meeting space is available to non-profit civic, educational and cultural groups or organizations. 

All Meetings Must be Open to the Public, and Free to the Public

In addition, the meeting room is not available for sectarian religious meetings, purely social purposes, commercial purposes or for the benefit of private individuals. If used for a political meeting, both sides of a political race or issue must be presented. A schedule of all meetings will be posted in the library’s lobby.

Fees & Insurance For Events Not Sponsored by the Library

For events that are not sponsored or cosponsored by the Library, there is a $50 charge for each time the room is used. A Certificate of Insurance of liability coverage, naming the County of Humboldt as an additional insured, for 1 million dollars ($1,000,000), must be on file with the library prior to using the room.

Meeting Hours

Meetings in the large meeting room must begin during the library’s open hours, Tuesday through Saturday. They may continue after the library closes until 11:00 p.m.

Additional Rules Apply

Find set-up, clean-up, publicity, and other usage rules here.

Eureka Library Large Meeting Room, arranged with 35 chairs to leave room for five tables at the side and back of the room. Without tables, up to 80 chairs are possible.

Photo showing a room full of padded chairs with a podium and  movie screen at the front.