Word Processing & Library Catalog Stations

Word Processing Stations

Perhaps you are writing a report, creating a flyer, or working on your resume. Maybe you need to use a spreadsheet or other library software. For these tasks, you may need more time than you can get on an Internet station.

Ask if the branch you are using has a word processing station. These stations allow you more time and feature a range of useful software. They do not connect to the Internet.

Plan to bring a flash drive (also known as a USB drive) if you want to save your work or transfer it to the internet.  Inexpensive flash drives may also be purchased from the Serendipity Bookstore in the Main Library.

Library Catalog Stations

In each library, you will find one or more computer stations dedicated to the library catalog. These computers allow you to find books and other library materials, see your library record, and request books from other branches at no charge.

Catalog stations do not have Internet access. Some of them do offer you access to the library's Articles and Databases.

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Use a flash drive, or USB drive, to save your work.

A flash drive is about the size and shape of a pack of gum, and plugs into the computer.