Internet Access

Each library in our system offers one or more public internet access stations.


The internet stations also feature library databases, word processing, spreadsheets, and other software. All internet stations have time limits. Time limits and sign-up procedures vary by branch. Please contact your local library branch to request details. Some branches also feature non-internet computers that allow you to use the other functions and are available for a longer time period.  

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Internet Use Policy

All users of the library's free internet are required to abide by the library's Internet Use Policy. Please be aware that the library is a public place and use the internet only for activities appropriate for public view.  

Saving Files

Computer users may bring their own portable drive for downloading or saving material. You will not be able to use a CD.  You may also save to an online resource such as GoogleDocs or email material to yourself when using our internet computers.


Printing is available at a cost of 10 cents per page.  At the Main Library you can also print in color for 50 cents a page.    

Using your own laptop, tablet, or smart phone, and need to print?  Save your work online or on a portable drive, or email it to yourself, and then print by using a library computer.  

Adjustable for Your Vision

All of our public computers can be adjusted for use by people who have low vision or prefer larger type. Please ask staff for assistance.


To hear audio from computers in the library, you may bring your own headphones or check with the staff to see if headphones are available.

Internet Safety

As you have read in the Internet Use Policy, it is your responsibility to practice good internet safety and security precautions when using the Library's computers. If you give your children internet access, they will also need to know how to stay safe on the internet.

To learn more about online safety for all ages, visit these Internet Safety Links. You will also find books in the library that discuss internet safety and security issues in detail.