Employee-Led Affinity Groups

What are Affinity Groups?

Affinity Groups are voluntary, employee-driven groups that are organized around a particular shared interest or dimension. The County of Humboldt envisions that Affinity Groups will be organized around the protected classes set forth in non-discrimination laws such as race, disability, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. However, the county will consider Affinity Groups that are organized around other historical barriers to an equitable and inclusive work environment.

Research consistently shows that Affinity Groups can facilitate increased employee engagement, enhance recruiting and retention, and can be very helpful in an increasingly diverse workplace.

Why Affinity Groups?

Results of the county's organizational research have been clear that staff believe the county can do a better job of providing opportunities for inter-departmental engagement. These findings are more pronounced among female staff, LQBTQIA+ staff, and staff of color. Based on this feedback, the County of Humboldt is working on creating employee-led Affinity Groups.

Active Employee-Led Affinity Groups

Latinx Affinity Group

The Latinx Affinity Group is a dedicated space for County of Humboldt staff who identify as Latinx to connect with each other, share their experiences, build community, and help inform management of ways we can achieve greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace. The goals of the group are to celebrate our cultures and backgrounds, to share our culture with our peers, and increase understanding and connection. The group will meet regularly over zoom

Indigenous Affinity Group

The Indigenous People’s Affinity Group is for staff who identify as indigenous to connect with each other. We will be encouraging members to share experiences, focusing on distinct challenges and opportunities that arise. The Affinity Group will help sustain an environment that is nonexclusive and supportive, which fosters both personal and professional success. Equal opportunities in discussing and celebrating our culture and our goal will be to elevate awareness for individuals and our organization.

Queer Affinity Group

The Queer Affinity Group is a place for 2SLGBTQIA+ employees and their allies within the organization to convene for the purpose of policy suggestion, networking, and professional development. The group’s overall aim is to cultivate an inclusive workspace for all employees and is not intended to be a space of educating but organizational progress. 

Neurodiversity Affinity Group

The Humboldt County affinity group for neuro diversity is a group for Humboldt County employees who are interested in neuro diversity and our workplace can share experiences, find support and pursue opportunities for advocacy. Neuro diversity describes a variety of differences in cognitive, emotional, sensory, etc. capability among people, including conditions like ASD, ADHD, or BPD. We are dedicated to the best possible outcomes for neuro diverse workers at Humboldt County and for the community we serve.

Affinity Groups (at the County of Humboldt)- Queer, Latinx. Neurodivergent, Indigenous