AB1466 Restrictive Covenant

Restrictive Covenant Program – Humboldt County

AB1466 – Real property: Discriminatory restrictions.

Humboldt County Recorder Plan for July 1, 2022

  1. Identify documents that contain restrictions using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology with BMI Imaging Systems and Tyler Technologies.
  2. Provide Restrictive Covenant Modification forms on website, for the public and Recorder Office use.
  3. Request authorization from Board of Supervisors to impose $2.00 fee to be paid at the time of every real estate instrument recording.  (Exemptions would apply the same as SB-2)
  4. Download, redact and prepare modifications for review.
  5. Recorder to draw modification document and submit to County Counsel for review.
  6. County Counsel to return document to Recorder with determination within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 3 months.


Timeline:  July 1, 2022, begin identifying documents containing restrictions.  

                   October 1, 2022, begin submitting documents to county council for review.

                   January 2, 2023, begin recording Restrictive Covenant Modification documents.

                   December 31, 2025, complete recording of Restrictive Covenant Modifications.

Tracking:  Recorder’s Office will attempt to track recorded Modifications by Lot and Block in subdivision or Assessor Parcel                           Number.

Humboldt Restrictive Covenant Modification AB1466 form