Careers in Eligibility

Make a Positive Impact on our Community

Eligibility Specialists make a positive impact on our community every day. In 2021, Eligibility Specialists:

  • Granted more than $39,900,000 in CalFresh benefits to help over 22,000 people in our community supplement their grocery budgets.
  • Established Medi-Cal coverage for more than 4,800 community members so they can get the medical services they need 
  • Assisted more than 1,300 families with CalWORKs benefits to help them cover basic needs and provide opportunities for enhancing their job skills.

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors recently approved bonuses for the Eligibility Specialist series. New hires will receive $500 upon hire and an additional $1,000 once they have completed their probation. The Board also approved Equity Raises of 11 to 12% depending on the position. Visit the Compensation tab for new salary ranges. 

About the job

Pay rates, step raises

The County of Humboldt uses an established compensation schedule to determine initial pay rates and structured step increase amounts. The compensation schedule standardizes the determination of pay rates and makes the timing and amount of pay raises predictable. 

Below are the compensation schedules for the first three levels of the Eligibility Specialist series. 

ES Trainee
Step 1A$18.08
Step A$19.01
Step B$19.98
Step C$21.00
Step D$22.08
Step E$23.21
Class DescriptionEligibility Specialist I
Step 1A$19.98
Step A$21.00
Step B$22.08
Step C$23.21
Step D$24.39
Step E$25.64
Class DescriptionEligibility Specialist II
Step 1A$22.08
Step A$23.21
Step B$24.39
Step C$25.64
Step D$26.95
Step E$28.33

A new employee starts work as an Eligibility Specialist Trainee at step 1A or $18.08 per hour.

After successful completion of a 6-month probation period, the payrate will advance to step A, currently $19.01 per hour

Once the employee has successfully completed one year of employment as an Eligibility Specialist Trainee, they promote to an Eligibility Specialist I. The promotion will include an increase in pay of 5%, which will be Step 1A, currently $19.98 per hour

After successful completion of a six-month probationary period as Eligibility Specialist I, the employee will advance to Step A, currently $21.00 per hour.

Once the employee has successfully completed one year of employment as an Eligibility Specialist I, they will promote to an Eligibility Specialist II. The promotion will include an increase in pay of 5%, which will be Step 1A, currently $22.08 per hour.

After successful completion of a six-month probationary period, the employee will advance to step A, currently $23.21 per hour.

Thereafter, the employee will advance one step each year as ES II until reaching the maximum at Step E, currently $28.33.

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What do Eligibility Specialists do?

Eligibility Specialists help people live better lives by assisting them throughout the application process for Medi-Cal, CalFresh and CalWORKs benefits. Interviewing customers, processing casework in automated systems and determining eligibility for programs are the primary duties of the job.

Customer interviews may be conducted over the phone or onsite at a Social Services office. Typically, Eligibility Specialists review the rights and responsibilities of the applicant with them, and ask a series of questions about their income, resources and living situation. During the interview, the Eligibility Specialist will enter information into the CalSAWs automated system. Once the interview is completed, the Eligibility Specialist requests specific documentation from the customer needed to complete the application process. 

After the customer has provided any necessary documentation, Eligibility Specialists process the casework and make a determination as to whether the customer is eligible for the program, and if so, the benefit amount they should receive. To do so, the Eligibility Specialist relies on their knowledge of the program’s rules, regulations and policies and determines how they apply to the customer’s case. 

In addition to the primary duties listed above, Eligibility Specialists also provide a variety of customer services, work on special projects, support teammates and peers, attend trainings, serve on committees and may participate in various professional and extra-curricular activities. 

Information for job applicants

  1. Application, interview
  2. Hiring process
  3. Training and support
  4. Career paths
  5. Testimonials

The application process

Applications for Eligibility Specialist are accepted and processed by CalHR, a Merit System Services agency. 

To apply, you must submit a CPS-HR online application. Resume’s will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application. A link to the application is provided at the bottom of this page. Please be sure to follow any instructions provided. 

When completing the application form, be sure to list all of your educational and relevant work experience. It is important to clearly identify all work experience that helps you meet the minimum qualifications of the job. 

Once you have completed and submitted the application and the screening process is finished, you will be notified by email if you meet minimum qualifications or not. 

If you meet minimum qualifications, you will receive an email inviting you to a written exam. Those candidates passing the written exam will move forward in the process and may receive an email inviting them to schedule an interview.

The job interview

The job interview will typically be held in person at one of the Social Services sites in Eureka. Please let us know of any special accommodations you may need when scheduling your interview.

The interview will consist of a friendly three-person panel who will ask you a series of questions relevant to your qualifications for the job. You will usually have about 45 minutes to answer 10 questions and complete a basic computer competency test. 

Candidates who are selected to move forward will receive a phone call outlining the next steps.

The hiring process

The hiring process for DHHS follows a series of steps that are required when employed by the county. Due to the number of steps and time needed to complete each, the hiring process may take a few months.

The DHHS hiring process has the following steps:

1.    Complete and submit the online application
2.    Applications are screened for minimum qualifications
3.    Applicants who pass the initial screening are invited to be interviewed
4.    Interviews are completed and references checked
5.    Candidates chosen to move forward to the next phase are contacted and instructed on next steps
6.    Candidate is moved into the clearance phase which includes background screening and pre-employment paperwork
7.    Once all clearances are received, a start date is established
8.    First day of training in the Eligibility Specialist Induction Class.