Overdue or Lost Materials

Overdue Materials

25 Cents a Day

The late charge is 25 cents per day for each overdue item. This charge is the same for any type of material. 

Renew Before the Due Date

Late charges can be avoided by renewing or returning your material by the due date.  Material that is already overdue cannot be renewed.

Maximum Late Charge

If the maximum late charge has been reached, no additional daily charge will be added.

  • Children's Books: The maximum late charge for a children's book is $1.00. 
  • Adult Books: The maximum late charge for an adult book is $5.00. 
  • Films, Audiobooks, Music: The maximum late charge for any audiovisual item is $10.00.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Materials


Charges for lost, stolen and irreparably damaged materials will include
  • the replacement cost of the item, plus 
  • a non-refundable processing fee of $5.00.

If You Find it Later

Lost materials with a value of $15.00 or more that are returned with a receipt within 3 months may qualify for a refund.


Patron replacement of library materials will be accepted if, and only if, the item is the exact title, edition and format of the lost material.

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