Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance

The content below is presently out of date, we are in the process of making updates. The Inland Telecommunications Ordinance was approved by the Board of Supervisors in November 2022 and is publicly available to view at that link.

Planning Division staff have prepared a draft ordinance governing the location, design and deployment of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (i.e. Cell Towers) in the unincorporated areas of Humboldt County. The proposed regulations provide comprehensive and uniform regulations for Small Cell Wireless Facilities--5G facilities--as well as for Non-Small Cell Wireless Facilities--4G facilities.

The next hearing to discuss potential alternatives for the draft ordinance will occur at the scheduled April 7, 2022 Planning Commission Meeting. The draft ordinance and the staff report will be available approximately 1 week prior to the hearing date.

Planning Division staff gave a presentation to the Planning Commission highlighting the proposed ordinance on Thursday February 17, 2022. The video of the staff presentation is available by clicking on item F2 on the Humboldt County Legistar website. The Planning Commission received a second presentation and deliberated on the draft ordinance at the Planning Commission hearing on Thursday March 3, 2022. The video of the staff presentation and is available by clicking on item H1 on the Humboldt County Legistar website.

Photograph of small cell facility mounted on streetlight

Image by City of Seattle

Photograph of large lattice cell tower

Photo by Julian on Unsplash 

Why a Cell Tower Ordinance?

Broadband infrastructure is critical to many areas of our lives, supporting:
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Standard of living
  • Economic Development
  • Emergency Services

Draft Regulations