Redistricting Advisory Committee

AUTHORITY:   Resolution No. 21-76

APPOINTING POWER:  Board of Supervisors

MEMBERS:  5 – One appointment for each Supervisor (No district boundaries for appointment)

QUALIFICATIONS:  Unspecified                                                     

TERM: Pleasure of the Board (POB)

FUNCTION:  To serve as an ad-hoc redistricting advisory body to the Board of Supervisors. The Redistricting Advisory Committee represents the public and shapes the revised electoral maps the redistricting consulting firm will prepare and develop for Board review and approval.

NAME                                                  APPOINTED                                    EXPIRES

Lisa Russ                                          7/20/21     (Rex Bohn)                           POB    

Roman Rubalcava                            7/20/21    (Michelle Bushnell)                POB

Brian Mitchell                                    7/20/21    (Virginia Bass)                      POB

Camilla Zapata                                  7/20/21     (Mike Wilson)                       POB

 Lisa Dugan                                       7/20/21     (Steve Madrone)                   POB