Voter Assistance Centers and Ballot Drop Boxes (Recall2021)

Voter Assistance Centers & Ballot Drop Box Locations (PDF) (English)

Centros de Asistencia al Votante y Ubicaciones de los Buzones de Boletas (PDF) (Spanish)

Tej Qhov Chaw Pab cov Neeg Pov Npav thiab Tej Qhov Chaw rau tej lub Thawv Pov Npav Xaiv Tsa (PDF) (Hmong)

5-Day Comment Period 

The Office of Elections is in the process of finalizing Voter Assistance Centers for the 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election. Instead of traditional polling places, Humboldt County will have 10 Voter Assistance Centers, four (4) pop-up locations and 10 ballot drop-off locations throughout the county. Senate Bill (SB) 152 requires that local election officials provide a 5-day comment period prior to finalizing Voter Assistance Centers. Comments can be submitted by completing a survey form. 

Comment period: July 25 - July 29, 2021. 

Comment period is closed.