Public Auction of Defaulted Properties

Defaulted properties that are delinquent in excess of 5 years may go to public auction as a means of collecting on their outstanding debt.  Auctions are held annually through the online auction site  You may subscribe to receive notifications about future auctions through the Treasurer - Tax Collector news feed.

June 15, 2023 Auction List  

Important Notes

  • All properties are sold as-is.

Past Auction Results

All auction results are Adobe PDF files and require Adobe Reader to view.

Auction Results June 15, 2023

Auction Results May 2022

Auction Results March 1, 2021

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Excess Proceeds

When a property sells at auction for more than the amount owed, the previous owner is entitled to excess proceeds from that sale.  All claims of excess proceeds must be made within one year of recordation of the Tax Collector’s deed to the purchaser.

All notices and forms below are Adobe PDF files and require Adobe Reader to view.

Excess Proceeds Listings

Excess proceeds May 2022 Auction

Excess Proceeds-reoffer sale   March 29, 2021

Excess Proceeds  /  March 2021

Excess Proceeds - Prior Auctions

Excess Proceeds Forms

Assessor Parcel Maps

Assessor maps of listed parcels are available to be viewed online through ParcelQuest Lite