Street Lighting

The Department of Public Works does not provide street lighting; except for safety lighting at signalized intersections. However, the County of Humboldt does provided street lighting in several unincorporated areas through lighting maintenance districts that are administered by the County Auditor. In addition, several Community Services Districts also provide street lighting in unincorporated areas of the County. The following table identifies the areas where is street lighting is provided. To request additional street lighting within an established street lighting area, contact the agency responsible for the street lighting. 

Street Lighting AreaSize (Acres)Agency
Garberville Lighting Maintenance District265Humboldt County (C/O County Auditor)
Humboldt Community Services District9,746Humboldt Community Services District
Hydesville Lighting Maintenance District 
90Humboldt County (C/O County Auditor)
Loleta Lighting Maintenance District 
77Humboldt County (C/O County Auditor)
McKinleyville Community Services District 12,611McKinleyville Community Services District
Myers Flat Lighting Maintenance District 
449Humboldt County (C/O County Auditor)
Pacific Manor Lighting Maintenance District 
11Humboldt County (C/O County Auditor)
Redcrest Lighting Maintenance District 
22Humboldt County (C/O County Auditor)
Rohnerville Lighting Maintenance District 
112Humboldt County (C/O County Auditor)
Scotia Community Services District493Scotia Community Services District
Willow Creek Community Services District
3,951Willow Creek Community Services District
Weott  Lighting Maintenance District 
589Humboldt County (C/O County Auditor)

In areas where street lighting is not provided, private street lighting can obtained through PG&E. The application for PG&E's street lighting service is found here.

The Humboldt County General Plan includes policies on street lighting. The following are excerpts from Chapter 5 of the Humboldt County General Plan adopted on 10/23/2017 

Narrative. Street Lighting: Carefully placed street lighting can reduce accidents in urban and suburban areas where there are intersections and concentrations of pedestrians. In addition, lighting may serve as a crime deterrent, may aid law enforcement agencies, and contribute to a sense of safety and community pride. In Humboldt County, street lighting is provided by each of the seven cities, three community services districts, and eight street lighting districts formed by Humboldt County and governed by the Board of Supervisors. Street lighting services are available in only about half of the urbanized areas of the County. Streetlights should avoid unnecessary glare and night sky pollution, light trespass, and energy waste.

 Policy IS-P20. Street Lighting. Street lighting shall be required when necessary to improve public safety in urban and suburban areas and Village Centers.

 Policy IS-S9. Street Lighting. Where development is required to install streetlights, they shall be designed to block upward transmission of light, avoid light trespass, and achieve design illumination in prescribed areas with limited scatter.

 Implementation Measure IS-IM17. Street Lighting. Prepare street lighting standards that allow for community specific priorities and standards and that specify when streetlights are required based on intersection type and functional classification. Establish lighting design criteria, considering AASHTO and International Dark-Sky Association guidelines.