Public Input

Public Input on the Election Administration Plan can be done in five ways:

  • During the Public Consultation period at a scheduled community meeting
  • During the Public Comment period when the EAP is made available online 
  • During a Community Workshop which are scheduled one to two months before an election
  • By joining or attending the meetings of the Humboldt County Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee (VAAC) or Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (LAAC)
  • By contacting the Elections Office directly via email or by phone

If you have questions on opportunities to give public input, see our Education & Outreach page or submit feedback online.

Go to the Education & Outreach page

Submit feedback with the online EAP Feedback Form

Watch the full Voter's Choice Act Public Hearing on YouTube 8/17/23

Public Comment made at community events will be featured below.

  1. Public Consultation Minutes
  2. Public Hearing Minutes
  3. Community Workshop Minutes

Public Consultation Input