Check Enforcement Program

Each year, Humboldt County businesses suffer huge losses as a result of worthless and dishonored checks. The resulting bank fees and penalties only compound the loss sustained by local merchants. The District Attorney’s Office is providing a CEP to aid merchants and citizens in combating bad check crimes. This newly upgraded program works within our community to:
  • Collect money from offenders
  • Educate bad check writers
  • Prosecute bad check crimes
  • Provide training and information to local residents and businesses
  • Return that money to victims

As a deterrent to future bad check writing, offenders are enrolled in rehabilitation programs that teach financial responsibility and fiscal awareness. The complete cost, including all overhead and materials, is not paid for by our community, but is funded by the offenders themselves. Make no mistake, unlawfully passing a bad check is a crime, those offenders who do not, or will not, respond to incentives provided by the program, and who have violated the bad check laws will be prosecuted.

This Check Enforcement Website details our program and outlines steps you can take to avoid bad checks. Please navigate through the resources provided to see how this program can benefit you. You can access the program at Office of the District Attorney or contact our CEP directly by email or telephone at 707-268-2587.

There are over 1,000 merchants registered with the Check Enforcement Program. The Eureka Chamber of Commerce is a great way to meet some of them. Please contact them by phone at 707-442-3738 or toll-free at 800-356-6381 

Mission Statement
The mission of the CEP is to deter bad check writing through prosecution and education and return the full value of worthless checks to the businesses and citizens of Humboldt County.

Helpful Documents