Grab Bags

Get a Bag of Up to 10 Library Items

Do you prefer contact-free service, but miss exploring library shelves? Request a grab bag of surprises. We offer quick and easy options or customized bags for adults and children. Custom bags take longer, but allow you more control.

Each bag is hand-picked for you by library staff, and how soon it can be ready depends on our workload, so please make your request in advance if you can. You can request a grab bag by phone, or just use one of the forms linked below.

In addition to a grab bag, you can get up to 4 specific titles by using the library catalog to place hold requests.

When your grab bag is ready, it can be picked up at the service desk of the library you requested it from.

Explore the riches in your grab bag.

Two children sitting with books spread around them on the carpet.

Grab Bags are Great for Kids!

Children may use their own cards to get a grab bag each. 

Or, a parent may request a children's grab bag (in addition to any adult grab bag on the parent's card.)