Plan for a New Garberville Library

The Grand Opening was on Wednesday October 13  

The new library is now full of books and open on a regular schedule. Everyone is welcome to visit and use the library! Masks are required.

It's time to unpack the furniture

Comfortable padded armchairs and colorful children's furniture in playful shapes.

September 18

Boxes of books are now moving to Garberville's new library in preparation for loading on to the shelves, which have now been installed.  New furniture is being unpacked - comfortable padded armchairs, playfully shaped children's seating, tables and chairs for reading and study.

The conference room is getting its furniture too - practical furniture for meetings including desks that can be pulled together into a tight curve or scattered for a more socially distanced meetup.

September 9, 2021 

Finally an inside view of the library. Humboldt Library Director Chris Cooper took these photos with his phone camera.. Librarian Kay Sheldon loves her new desk!

Step by step, the new library moves toward completion. Here you can see the new service desk, perfect outside, and almost finished inside with just a few rough spots left.

From inside the desk you see unfinished book shelves, rolls of linoleum or carpet, and a few cardboard boxes.

A proud carpenter stands inside the newly erected service desk.

A carpenter stands inside the new service desk, built of wood with a glassed-in top.

A detail of the service desk shows the built-in display case and book return slot.

The desk has a small display case built in, and a book return slot.

Here's the view from inside the desk out into the library.

Inside, the service desk is not quite done, and looks out at unfinished shelves.

The library door to the lobby.

The door from the library to the hallway, drinking fountains, restrooms, & entrance.

An empty space awaits bookshelves and books!

Garberville Library's empty, open space waiting for bookshelves.

The Conference Room

The Garberville Campus Complex Conference Room, with a video screen, meeting table, and chairs.

Outside the library - a daytime photo.

Garberville Library on a sunny day in July.

An evening view of the building shows the outdoor lighting.

Garberville Library on 8-11-2021, an evening view that shows the outside lighting.

What's Happening as of August 11, 2021

At last, some of the furniture is beginning to move in to part of the building where inside work is complete. Outside work continues on the Sheriff's part of the building. Boxes of books are waiting in a staging area of the Main Library for shipping to Garberville as soon as inside construction is complete and all dust and debris is cleared away. (Photos 7-31-2021 and 8-11-2021 by Kay Sheldon.) 

The new building is energy-efficient and fully ADA accessible. When it opens, it will feature lots of new books, computer stations for public use, high-speed wireless internet both inside and in the parking lot, a multimedia system for special events, a comfortable children’s section, and a reading and study area. The complex also includes a conference room that will be available for a variety of community programs, and public restrooms, as well as the Sheriff's substation.

Below, you can see a diagram of the floor plan.

When will Garberville's New Library Open?

We would all like for Garberville Library to open early in the new school year, but with the surge and Delta variant, getting all tools, materials, supplies and personnel in place for every stage of the process is a lot slower than normal. Keep an eye on this spot for updates, because this project IS moving forward despite the obstacle course the pandemic has created.

The Garberville Mini-Complex includes a meeting room and separate Sheriff's Substation as well as the Library.

Garberville Library floor plan, approximate

Project Update from May 18, 2021

After some project delays that set our schedule back by about a month, the new building is starting to shape up.  In the meantime, the Friends of Garberville Library and library staff have been busy on  your behalf. Here's part of an announcement the Friends made on their Facebook site recently.

Friends of the Garberville Library, May 8 at 1:35 PM ·

Books are being ordered for the collection

Garberville’s permanent collection of more than 5400 books, movies, and other materials was evaluated by the County Library’s librarians as the old building was packed up. They determined that the reference collection was in need of current titles. 

Nearly 3200 circulating books and other items were dated, lost, or simply worn out and ready to be replaced. We’re adding new titles in Spanish to serve our increasing numbers of Spanish-speaking residents. 

The County Library estimates the total cost of updating the collection to be $22,500. The Friends have pledged to raise that sum. We hope you will consider becoming a member. Your donation would help us toward that sum. 

We’re thrilled to tell you we have a donor who will match individual donations. Any amount you give will be doubled!

You can pick up a membership envelope at the Chamber of Commerce, or from Kay at the library when you do a curbside pick up. 



If you want to take part in refreshing the book collection, you can also use the Paypal link on the Friends of Garberville Library Facebook site, or, if you prefer, donate directly to their  Vocality Credit Union account, #18948.

Project Update from March 20, 2021

Construction of the Garberville branch of the Humboldt County Library is well underway. 

Now, it's time to think about furniture.

The Humboldt Library Foundation recently gave $9,100 toward the purchase of sturdy, good quality children's furniture for the children's area of the new library.

'The Friends of the Garberville Library deeply appreciate the Humboldt Library Foundation’s generous assistance in funding furniture for the Children’s section in Garberville’s new branch building,' says FOGL President Liz Davidson. 'Weekly story time has been our most popular program, and the appealing and accessible furniture with enhance our patrons' enjoyment.'

The new furniture will also allow the Garberville Library to continue and expand its children’s programming. 'I’m so excited about the new library and what it will bring to the community,' says Branch Manager Kay Sheldon.

'There will be increased entertainment and educational events at the library, both day and evening, for children and adults, guaranteeing the comfortable furniture will be well used and appreciated by all.'

Board President Elizabeth Murguia explains 'HLF was pleased to donate, and we share the excitement of the community to know the doors will open soon on the long-awaited facility – where children and patrons of every age will once again access its treasures. We’re enormously grateful to our supporters from across Humboldt County who helped make this donation possible.'  If you would like to contribute any amount, learn more about the Humboldt Library Foundation here.

Artist's sketch of the building to house the library, substation, & meeting room.

An artist's sketch of the new Garberville Campus Complex.

More about the 'Garberville Mini-Complex' and the Library

The building project broke ground on September 2, 2020. It will house the library, a Sheriff’s substation, and a meeting room in a modern, energy-efficient building. The library will feature accessible computer workstations, high-speed wireless internet, a multimedia projector for special events, a children’s section, and a reading and study area. The project is moving along, and may be complete by May 2021.

During construction of the new building, the Garberville Library is housed in the Department of Health and Human Services office located at 727 Cedar St. in Garberville. Creating this temporary home for the library was a collaborative effort among County workers from the Library, DHHS and DHHS Information Services, the County Administrative Office, Information Technology, and Public Works/Building Maintenance. The Library appreciates the generous welcome provided by DHHS staff in sharing their space and the creative work of everyone involved.

For any questions about library services, call the Garberville Library at 707-923-2230 or visit the library’s website at